Author: Evan Ezquer

Evan, the founder of Metaroids, is an OG crypto enthusiast and content creator who has explored the world of blockchain, AI, and other cutting-edge tech for nearly a decade. His ultimate goal is to build the best community on the Internet. Up until January 2023, Evan has been writing on Metaroids under the pseudonym Falkris.

Cryptocurrency has had some bad press over the years, some of them reasonable, while others are utter nonsense. And it’s not uncommon for governments to crack down on blockchain operations. But the real question should be, can cryptocurrency be stopped? Yes, cryptocurrency can be banned, but no, it cannot be stopped. Why? Well, crypto was conceived by the gods of privacy, the cypherpunks. These individuals were ahead of their time and knew what to do. Now, they have advanced and are about to bring back the freedom governments took away from the people. By design, crypto enables you to circumvent…

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