Author: Sion

Sion is a DeFi enthusiast that loves to have fun making money the hard way. Kidding aside, he got lucky with his timing and was able to navigate the rugpull-infested waters of the cryptoverse. Just like Mr. Crabs, he loves maximizing his APYs while living in the fast lane somewhere under the sea.

There are banks and there is code. Which one do you trust? The magical world of decentralized finance (DeFi) opens up opportunities for us to utilize a decentralized economy without ever having to sacrifice assets (depending on the type of investment you’re making) or going off-chain. If you’re still wondering what DeFi is, you’ll find the answer to your question down below. The hard part about DeFi is the public’s perception of it as a risky, scammy investment type. While some DeFi platforms are indeed fraudulent, as long as you stick with the legitimate ones and play your cards right,…

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